Momentum Women’s Quartz M1 Splash Stainless Steel Japanese Diving Watch with Rubber Strap, Black, 17 (Model: 1M-DN11LO1B

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It’s Stylish, It’s Unique, It’s Rugged and a Whole Lot Fun – It’s M1 Splash Dive Watch By Momentum Watches have always served beyond their intended purpose of just time keeping! Some even believe it to be the ultimate accessory – to that, we agree! But as we have accepted modernization and evolved, so have the watches: be in terms of the movements within, or the purpose they’re serving. Today, watches come in all shapes and size, for all types of applications: sports, luxury, fashion… the list goes on. With so many options and purposes, how does one choose what is right for her? Especially when it comes to choosing a watch for daily use? Fret not, because M1 Splash Dive Watch by Momentum is here!We created this beautiful looking Dive Watch as an update to the renowned original M1 Twist. Yes, it does come in a small package, but don’t let the appearances fool you! Packed with a whole lot of features, this watch is an absolute power-house. Here are a few reasons why this watch is worth of your wrists:● The new M1 Splash dive watch for ladies has been redesigned to look even better than the original, but remain just as durable and functional as the last generation of dive watches.● The watch now crowns a thinner case, which sits perfectly on any wrist.● The watch also comes with a natural rubber strap that is made to fit even the smallest wrists. Manufactured in Italy, these bands also come in a variety of colors to complement your style.● The watch also houses a 38mm stainless steel open dial with a date window and comes waterproof-tested up to 200M/ 660FT.With all this said, would you still rather buy 5 different time-pieces that serve 5 different purposes? Or would you buy the fashionable M1 Splash Dive Watch by and rock it on your wrists? Make the right choice. Grab this timepiece by adding it to your basket TODAY! The SPLASH comes with a solid stainless case finished in a high-polish that is quintessentially feminine. The dial is framed by a unidirectional bezel, available in a broad palette of great colors. Create your own look by adding one of our soft, natural, rubber straps from Italy, in an array of great colors. Add a little color to your life.



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