Rhino by Marc Ecko Womens E8M013MV Fashionable Color-Infused Watch

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An intrepid timepiece teeming with urban style, this Rhino by Marc Ecko watch has an edgy presentation on the wrist that lets passersby know exactly how you roll. Rhino by Marc Ecko watches boast the quality materials and masterful craftsmanship that has come to be associated with the Marc Ecko brand. MARC ECKO/FASHION DESIGNER/ARTIST/ENTREPRENEUR“My name is Marc Ecko. Most people think I am a designer. But I fancy myself more of an Artist and an Instigator.”Marc Ecko is an American serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Marc Ecko Enterprises, a billion-dollar full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company.Marc Ecko was born Marc Milecofsky in 1972 in New Jersey with his twin sister, Marci. His journey began in the mid 1980’s while he was still a high school student working from a makeshift design studio located in the garage of his parent’s home.Armed only with an airbrush and his custom graphic designs, Marc quickly built a loyal fan base among the generation’s new cultural icons, including Spike Lee and Chuck D.Following a brief pursuit of a “traditional career” at Rutgers School of Pharmacy, he soon returned to his true passion, and in 1993, at the age of 20, founded *Ecko Unltd.Since then, the company has grown to include: *Ecko Unltd, the leading young men’s brand; Eckored, its female counterpart; Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, a contemporary menswear line; Zoo York, the first and largest East Coast action sport lifestyle brand; Complex Media, inclusive of Complex and Marc Ecko Entertainment, a video & social gaming entity.Marc dedicates himself to a number of socially conscious initiatives, including significant work with youth domestically and internationally, as well as, a dedicated role in reversing the plight of the shrinking rhino population.He was also pivotal in funding and creating various charities including Tikva Children’s Home, Sweat Equity Education and Stoked Mentoring. Marc is a signatory to the Education Equality Project, as well as, a board member of Big Picture Learning.Marc Ecko is the youngest member ever inducted into the Board of Directors for Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). In 2010 he became an emeritus board member of the CFDA.



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